Tech Talk Thursday #38

This edition is coming out a few hours late because I was just lazy in getting it together. I had already decided on what I was going to cover this week over the weekend but just didn’t sit down to write it. So here goes…

Today I will be reviewing one of the most used apps on my iPhone. What makes it so great is the fact that it should already be built into iTunes but isn’t. The app I am referring to is Pocket Casts. It’s a simple little app that is used to play podcast.

That is all well and good but what does it do that the iPod app doesn’t do? First, it will allow you to download podcast that are over 20 MB over 3G. That is a big plus for me. I enjoy listening to podcast and sometimes it may be a few days before I can get back to my computer to download new ones.

Second, it will use Push Notifications to let you know that you have new podcast to download. iTunes one the computer can be configured to check periodically for new podcast but that is no good unless you are there to sync with your computer.

Those are two big things that should be in the iPhone version of the iPod. Another big thing that I really like about Pocket Casts is that the files are stored only on the iPhone. If you have to sync with the computer then you almost always have two copies to the podcast. One on the computer and one on the iPhone.

This is a great little app and at $1.99 it’s a steal from the App Store.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again next week.

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