I Don’t Need You Anymore

On June 6 Apple announced that the new Mac OS, Lion, was going to be released in July and that the new iOS, iOS 5, would be arriving this Fall. I’m sure you have already read many articles about both items so I am not going to rehash all the details here. I am going to tell you about the apps that I will be deleted from my iPhone once iOS 5 is released.

First let me tell you about this spot on my blog. I am going to start naming it with a title instead of just Tech Talk Thursday #whatever. Also, I will put at the bottom of the post what number it is. Now back to the subject of the article.

The first app that will be going away from my iPhone will be Whatsapp. With the arrival of iMessage in iOS 5 the need for two separate apps to text either regular SMS or via data will be eliminated. This will be a good thing since Rob and I text on Whatsapp all the time. If I am talking on the phone and am in an Edge area then his text doesn’t come through until I am off the phone. With iMessage it is my understanding that if the message can’t be delivered via data then it will automatically be sent via SMS. For some this will be a problem if they have a limited number of text messages but for most it won’t be a problem.

Another app that will be going away is Notificant. I just recently purchased this app and as of this writing it was no longer available from from the US App Store. I tried searching for it and also following the link the website but couldn’t find it. The link told me that it was available. This will be obsolete because of Reminders in iOS 5. Reminders will be much more handy because you can have a reminder with location.

The next app that I have already deleted from my iPhone is Photoshop for iPhone. With the new camera app you will be able to edit photos right in the app and not have to import a photo into another program.

Along with the above mentioned apps, NetNewsWire will also be going away from my iPhone. With Safari in iOS 5 you will be able to have a reader right in the browser instead of having to have a separate app to follow RSS feeds. The new Safari is gong to be awesome and just what I’ve been looking for.

Now that I’ve covered four of the apps that are going away I want to tell you about one that won’t be deleted. Although Twitter will be built into most of iOS 5 I will still use Echofon Pro. I have been using it for a very long time and is still my choice for a Twitter client on the iPhone. I will still be using some of the features in the OS but for reading tweets I will use Echofon. I will also still be using Hootsuite to schedule my tweets.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my iPhone and hope you will join me again next week. Thanks for stopping by this week.

Tech Talk Thursday #39

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