Do You Still Have Your Music?

Welcome to the 40th edition of Tech Talk Thursday! I know I am a day late this week too but it’s better late than never and this is going to be a short one.

On June 6, Apple announced iCloud and customers could start using some of it’s features almost immediately. I think I might have found something that will be of interest to users of iCloud. Earlier this week as I was listening to some music on iPhone I noticed that the album that I was listening to was missing a song. It was a 6 pack and I thought I had bought the whole album. I tried searching for the album under the Purchased tab in iTunes on the iPhone. I couldn’t find it. I then checked for it on my computer. I still didn’t find it. Evidently, not all songs can downloaded again at this time. My advice for users right now is to make sure all of your purchases are available or just don’t delete your music. I will continue to back my music up like I always have.



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