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Take Control of Your Devices

As of this writing I haven’t upgraded my MacBook to Lion yet. I will be doing that tomorrow and can’t wait. I have heard a lot of great things about it and want to get my hands on it pretty soon.

For this weeks post I am going to tell you about two apps that I use to control two different devices in the house: the Roku and the iMac.

First, let’s start with the Roku. For those of you not familiar with the Roku it is a box that sits on top of our television and is connected to the Internet wirelessly. You can hook it up directly to your router but it works without wires too. It does come with a little remote and you can control all of the functions with that one remote. The hard part is if you want to type a search or even if you lose it like we do all the time. To learn more about the Roku click here. To control the Roku I use the RoRemote. With this app you can control all the features of the Roku just like the remote that comes with it. The exception is that you can type in your search with an onscreen keyboard instead of having to go through going up and down with the remote. Another great feature is that it will work all over the house. Keep in mind that you have to have Wi-Fi turned on and connected to the same network that the Roku is connected to. This app goes for $1.99.

The other app that I use is Mobile Mouse Pro. It’s a great little app to control the iMac. I don’t use it to control my MacBook. I needed an easy way to control the iMac to keep from getting out of bed to change the show we were watching on it. The iMac is mainly just a media center for the bedroom and we watch a lot of Netflix on it. You can use it to control any program on your Mac and can use it to even type on the onscreen keyboard. This app sales for $1.99 too.

Both apps are great and well worth the two bucks.

Thanks for dropping by this week and will see you next wee with my thoughts on the new Mac OS.



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I Work for Steve, You Can Tell Me…

It’s amazing how time passes so fast. It has been three weeks since my last tech post. I really have no excuse but I have been fairly busy the last few weeks.

As most of my Mac readers know, the next Mac OS will be released sometime this month. TupeloGeek and I have had an ongoing debate on the date. He thought yesterday would be the day but I think it will be this next Tuesday. Now some of his sources are saying the 26th. No matter the date, I am excited. I have almost all of my programs updated to the current versions so I will be ready to go. The only one that I haven’t bought yet is iPhoto and I still need to get the update for iMovie. I also need to add more memory to my iMac so it can run Lion because it only has 1 GB of RAM and Lion requires two. Also, I’d like to thank TupeloGeek for helping me get the OS upgraded from Tiger to Snow Leopard.

I went to the Apple Store in Temecula, CA, this past Tuesday afternoon and told they guy at the entrance that I worked for Steve and that it was alright if he told me when Lion was going to be out but he simply said, “I have not idea.” I did tell him I was kidding about working for Steve and TupeloGeek had put me up to telling him that.

With the release of Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) will come many new features that are going to be awesome. The biggest thing that I’m looking forward to is being able to change programs just by running your fingers across the trackpad. Also being able to view programs in full screen is going to be nice too. If you’re not a Mac user then I encourage you to do some looking around for a computer that will do all that a Mac will do right out of the box. I know that my MacBook works great with my iPhone and editing movies is a breeze once you figure it out.

Last week my cousin, Becky, decided to get rid of her Android phone because she hated it. She asked me about the new iPhone and I told her that I didn’t think it would be out before late September. She didn’t want to wait that long and went and get herself an iPhone 4. I recommended the 4 because I think it was a big step up from the 3GS and the next iPhone, I believe, will be a small step. Kind of like from the 3G to the 3GS. I love so many of the features of the 4 and I’m still excited about iOS 5 coming this fall. I wished it was already here but I’ll have to wait like everybody else.

Maybe by this time next week we will have already seen the release of Lion and I can share some of my comments about it. Thanks for stopping by and I will try to see you again next week.


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