For Sale By Owner

Welcome to another edition of Tech Talk Thursday even though it doesn’t always come out on Thursday.

Couple of things that I want to write about this week are some of the rumors going around in the Apple world. First, is Apple going to buy Barnes & Noble? I think this is just purely a rumor and really won’t go any where. My reason is because Apple already is in the book business with iBooks and I believe that Apple wants to keep it that way. They have already taken most of the boxed software out of the stores and sell it via the Mac App Store so why would they want to buy a book seller that has physical books? Apple wants you to keep everything on an iOS device and not have to carry around anything else.

Second, is Apple going to buy Hulu? I am still kind of up in the air with this one. If I had to guess right now, I would say that they wouldn’t. Apple already has deals in place with most of the networks in selling movies and television shows. I believe that if they wanted to stream they would sign deals on their own and not buy another company that has already went through the process. I also have found that Hulu doesn’t offer as much as I would like but that is a different post. If anything, I think Apple has a better chance of buy Netflix. I really don’t think that will happen either.

This past Sunday I had a little problem with my iPhone. After I returned from my morning run, I noticed that when I pressed the up and down volume buttons that it was telling me that the headphones were still plugged in. I tried plugging my headphone back in and pulling them out but that didn’t work. I even went as far as restoring the iPhone and that still didn’t work.

After church, I decided to Google for a solution to the problem. I found the answer. The problem was solved by most people by plugging and unplugging headphones into the jack 7-8 times. I tried that and that did not work for me.

I was getting a little upset. So after plugging and unplugging my headphones in several times I jerked them out really fast and after about four or five time everything was back to normal.

Apparently, the switch that tells the iPhone that the headphones are either plugged in or not was stuck in the plugged in position. This is a very common problem with both the iPhone and iPod Touch. So if you ever find that your iPhone has this problem then you will know how to fix it.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Thanks for stopping!



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