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Listen to the music

Last week I told you I was going to tell you about a service that has finally made to the United States from across the pond. What is that service? It’s Spotify!

Spotify has over 15 million tracks that you can listen to either by streaming them or downloading them for offline listening. You can always stream with a free account or Unlimited account but with a Premium account you can download tracks to three devices and listen to tracks offline. You are limited to 3,333 tracks per device.

The main difference between the the free and Unlimited accounts is that the Unlimited doesn’t have ads in it. Also, with the free and Unlimited accounts you can only listen to tracks from a computer. In order to listen from your smartphone, you will have to sign up for the Premium account.

If you love music then this is the service for you. I am listening to music that I listened to when I was a little boy that I wouldn’t even bother with buying from iTunes. I guess with Spotify you are really just renting the music but for $9.99 a month a think this is a great deal.

You can visit Spotify and signup for either an Unlimited or Premium account without an invitation and start listening to music right away but to you must have an invitation to get a free account at this time. If you’d like an invitation, I will be glad to send you one. As of this writing I have 9 invites and if you are one of the first 9 to request one I will send it ASAP. I believe that when you hear what Spotify has to offer you will want a Premium account. The tracks aren’t limited to just music. I have found lots of comedy too.

Thanks for stopping by this week and I will see you again next week.



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Grab a pen and write this down

The news has been plentiful since my last post and one was even a major news story in the world of Apple. As I’ve said in previous post, I am not here to write about what you have already heard in the tech news but just to give my opinion about it.

First things first. Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple and left Tim Cook in charge. Apparently, Jobs’ health isn’t doing very well but I do think he is more concerned about more important things than just Apple. He has a personal life and family and that should always come first. If he felt this was the time to step down and let more able bodies run the company then I respect that decision. He has been a great CEO and I have enjoyed all of the keynotes that I’ve heard him give over the last six years or so that I have been an Apple fan.

Do think anything is going to change at Apple? I doubt it. I have heard that Apple has a plan for the next two to five years and I believe they will continue with that plan even without Jobs.

My birthday was a little over a month ago and I received a stylus for my iPhone. It isn’t like a regular stylus that were used on the old Pocket PC. this stylus has a soft tip and won’t scratch the screen of the iPhone. Of course, it can be used on the iPod Touch and iPad. I did find it at Best Buy for $12.99 and thought that was a little high but if you use it then it’s a good deal.

One of the apps that I am using with the stylus is Note Taker. It allows you to take notes either by writing on the screen or with the keyboard. It does have a learning curve but if you go through the tutorial then it works like charm. The area you can write on is supposed to be about the size of a 4×6 index card. There is a free version but you can email your notes or make them into PDFs. For $1.99 the full version is a steal.

That’s going to do me for this week and I’m going to try and do better at getting these post out every week. Next week we will be looking at a service that I totally enjoy and I am so glad that it has finally made it to the United States.


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