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Don’t Get Stuck in Traffic

Sometimes time just isn’t on my side and it has taken me a while to be able to sit down and actually write this. This post is mostly about the new Mac OS, Lion. As much as I loved my MacBook with Snow Leopard, I love it even more with Lion. Apple did a great job of the new OS.

My favorite feature is Mission Control. It allows me to have multiple windows open and also have more than one desktop. I can have one desktop for blogging and another to surf the Internet. Another great thing is that you can have a different background picture for each desktop.

Before Lion, if you were watching a movie in iTunes and wanted to sync your iPhone you had to stop the movie to press the Sync button. Now in Lion, the movie actually plays in a different desktop and all you have to do is double-swipe to get back to iTunes and press the button. The movie will continue to play and you can still hear the audio. I think that is a great feature.

Full-screen apps are great too. In order to use this feature the app must support it. The only app that I have used full-screen at this time is Photo Booth. I’m sure I will use more apps full-screen like Pages, Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie. It’s easy to double-swipe between full-screen apps too.

I could go on about many other things that I love about Lion but I’m sure you have already read a lot about them and won’t bore you will a repeat of them.

The last thing that I want to share with you is an iPhone app and can help just the regular person but for my trucker buddies it could save you lots of time. The name of the app is INRIX Traffic. You can stay up to date on traffic in just about any area. I used this app while driving through Chicago and Nashville this past week and it was spot on. The best part about this app is that it is free too. You can also get the pro version with an in-app purchase for $24.99 but I’m not sure what it include. The basic is enough for me.

Thanks for stopping by this week and I’ll try to have another post on Thursday.



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Do You Still Have Your Music?

Welcome to the 40th edition of Tech Talk Thursday! I know I am a day late this week too but it’s better late than never and this is going to be a short one.

On June 6, Apple announced iCloud and customers could start using some of it’s features almost immediately. I think I might have found something that will be of interest to users of iCloud. Earlier this week as I was listening to some music on iPhone I noticed that the album that I was listening to was missing a song. It was a 6 pack and I thought I had bought the whole album. I tried searching for the album under the Purchased tab in iTunes on the iPhone. I couldn’t find it. I then checked for it on my computer. I still didn’t find it. Evidently, not all songs can downloaded again at this time. My advice for users right now is to make sure all of your purchases are available or just don’t delete your music. I will continue to back my music up like I always have.


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I Don’t Need You Anymore

On June 6 Apple announced that the new Mac OS, Lion, was going to be released in July and that the new iOS, iOS 5, would be arriving this Fall. I’m sure you have already read many articles about both items so I am not going to rehash all the details here. I am going to tell you about the apps that I will be deleted from my iPhone once iOS 5 is released.

First let me tell you about this spot on my blog. I am going to start naming it with a title instead of just Tech Talk Thursday #whatever. Also, I will put at the bottom of the post what number it is. Now back to the subject of the article.

The first app that will be going away from my iPhone will be Whatsapp. With the arrival of iMessage in iOS 5 the need for two separate apps to text either regular SMS or via data will be eliminated. This will be a good thing since Rob and I text on Whatsapp all the time. If I am talking on the phone and am in an Edge area then his text doesn’t come through until I am off the phone. With iMessage it is my understanding that if the message can’t be delivered via data then it will automatically be sent via SMS. For some this will be a problem if they have a limited number of text messages but for most it won’t be a problem.

Another app that will be going away is Notificant. I just recently purchased this app and as of this writing it was no longer available from from the US App Store. I tried searching for it and also following the link the website but couldn’t find it. The link told me that it was available. This will be obsolete because of Reminders in iOS 5. Reminders will be much more handy because you can have a reminder with location.

The next app that I have already deleted from my iPhone is Photoshop for iPhone. With the new camera app you will be able to edit photos right in the app and not have to import a photo into another program.

Along with the above mentioned apps, NetNewsWire will also be going away from my iPhone. With Safari in iOS 5 you will be able to have a reader right in the browser instead of having to have a separate app to follow RSS feeds. The new Safari is gong to be awesome and just what I’ve been looking for.

Now that I’ve covered four of the apps that are going away I want to tell you about one that won’t be deleted. Although Twitter will be built into most of iOS 5 I will still use Echofon Pro. I have been using it for a very long time and is still my choice for a Twitter client on the iPhone. I will still be using some of the features in the OS but for reading tweets I will use Echofon. I will also still be using Hootsuite to schedule my tweets.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my iPhone and hope you will join me again next week. Thanks for stopping by this week.

Tech Talk Thursday #39

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Tech Talk Thursday #35

Next month will mark my first anniversary of when I started blogging on a somewhat regular bases. Since the beginning I have upgraded my PowerBook G4 to a MacBook, upgraded my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4, and have also started using a wireless keyboard with my iPhone 4. I believe there will be fewer changes over the next year but we will have to see.

This week I want to review an iPhone app and also the wireless keyboard. For the record, the last few post have been posted using only the iPhone 4 and the wireless keyboard.

Before getting my wireless keyboard, I was using MacJournal on my MacBook and then syncing with my iPhone and then posting with the MacJournal iPhone app. It worked out pretty good except I had to boot the MacBook just to make a post. With the wireless keyboard and Blogpress things are much easier and work almost without any problems.

I bough Blogpress on the recommendation of my friend, Rob, and it has been a very good app. Probably one of the best purchases I have made from the app store ($2.99). With Blogpress you can make post right now or you can schedule your post like I often do. One ofthe great things about this app is also the ability to insert pictures and links into your post. There are several HTML codes you can use to customize your post and make it look just like you what it to. Also, it will let you add tags and categories to your post as well. This is the best blogging app I know of for the iPhone or the iPad.

The wireless keyboard is great too. It doesn’t take up much room and is really easy to carry around with you. The thing that I look for in a keyboard is the way it feels while I’m typing. This keyboard is as easy to type on as the keyboard on my MacBook and feels really good. I haven’t used it for a really long time but I think the battery life is going to be great. I turn the keyboard off when I’m not using it because it will pair with my iPhone when I turn the bluetooth on and I don’t want that to happen since I use a bluetooth headset to talk on while I’m driving. With all that said this keyboard is worth every penny I paid for it ($69).

So these are my mobile blogging tools. Hope you enjoyed this weeks edition and will see you again here next week. Thanks for stopping.

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Tech Talk Thursday #34

Welcome back to the 34th edition of Tech Talk Thursday. Today I’d like to share a couple of things that I’d like to see in iOS 5 next year.

The first one is an option to be able to turn an app off without it going to the background. Currently, all apps that work properly with iOS 4 go into the background and you pick up where you left off.

I’d like to see something in the setting that will allow me to quit the app when I press the home button just like it did in previous versions of the OS.

The second thing I’d like to see in different tones for notifications. I know this may sound like a little thing but when the voice mail, SMS, Whatsapp, and a few others have the same tone it is hard to tell if you really need to look at the screen or not.

Most all of my notifications tones are the same except for the ESPN app. I know when I hear that tone it is about a ballgame and I can always look later if I want.

For this week’s app review I have chosen Flight Control. This is a simple game (it looks like it is) but can be quite challenging. You job is to land as many aircraft as you can on the runways with any of the aircraft crashing into each other. Sounds simple but it’s not.

One of the features of this game is that is takes advantage of Apple’s new Game Center and you can compare you score against your friends and all others that are using Flight Control with Game Center.

If you’d like to friend me on Game Center just send me an email and let me know what your email address is or you can just find me using the email address associated with this blog.

Thanks for stopping in this week and will see you all again soon.

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Tech Talk Thursday #33-September Apple Event

Like my previous blog post about Apple events I don’t want to rehash what all the other blogs are doing and just repeat the happenings of yesterday. I do want to give my views and thoughts about the new products that were announced yesterday.

First, let me say that I was totally wrong on a few of things. I didn’t expect the iPod Touch to have both cameras, I didn’t expect the new Apple TV and I didn’t expect to see the iPod Shuffle.

I’m really not that excited about the new Shuffle or the new Nano but I really think the new Nano looks cool and if I didn’t already have a 2nd generation Shuffle would like to have one.

Although I have an iPhone, now I can recommend to all my non-iPhone owning friends that the iPod Touch is the thing to buy. Now it really is an iPhone without the phone. Just add on Skype or other VOIP app and you have a phone too.

Now to the Apple TV that I’m only kind of excited about because I don’t have an HD television. I would like to watch the movies and tv shows that I have on my iMac on the tv but my internet connection is so slow that I don’t think renting and watching an HD movie would be very good. I would have to pay more for more speed and right now I just don’t see doing that.


I finally signed up for my first account on Netflix. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and since the Netflix iPhone app has come out I decided to that first step. It was an easy process and on top of the movies and tv show that I get to stream I get one DVD at a time and a whole month free. I’m looking forward to watching some shows that I haven’t had the chance to watch since I’ve been trucking.

That’s going to do me for me for this week. Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.

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Tech Talk Thursday #32-On a Tuesday

I’m going to be a couple of days early on this week’s Triple T because tomorrow is the big day for Apple to announce new products or update some of the existing ones. In this edition I’m gong to give my take on what I think we will see tomorrow.

I’ve been an Apple fan since 2005 and the 5th generation iPod with video was the first Apple product that I had even bought. Before that I had used a 30GB Creative Zen to listen to my music on the truck. It was a good MP3 player but the iPod is much easier to manage.

I believe that most of what we are going to see tomorrow is going to be music related and not have anything to do with the Apple TV. I’m sure we’ll hear more about that but probably at a later date in October just like when the iPod with video was announced.

As much as I would like to stream my music over the air, I’m not sure Apple is ready for that right now. Also, with AT&T having tiered data plans now, I don’t think it would go over very well. Is it possible that ATT&T will bring back the unlimited data plans? Probably not. I do know that since I got the TuneIn Radio app a couple of months ago I have used more data streaming audio. I also listen to certain podcast streamed instead of stored on my iPhone.

I saw last night on Macrumors what is supposed to be the new iPod nano and think it might be for real. One picture made it look just like a mini iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. Looked pretty cool but if it is real it will probably just be a music player and nothing more. So long Shuffle? I think so.

Will the iPod Classic be retired? That’s a good question. I think it might be but maybe it can hang on just a while longer. We all know that flash memory is more stable and not as likely to fail as the HD based iPods. I still have my 5th generation iPod and the only thing wrong with it is the battery will hardly hold a charge anymore and it won’t play video. I the the failure to play video was due to the last firmware update but haven’t been able to find any information about how to get the video play back.

Which to buy?

Want to share a story that occurred in Wal-Mart a few day ago in the electronics section of the store. I saw two guys walk up to the iPod display and one was going to buy one but he didn’t know which one to buy. I didn’t want the iPod nano because he had more than 8GB of music but didn’t want the iPod Classic because he didn’t have that much. I was going to suggest to him that he buy as big as he could afford because, unless you are going to stop getting new music, you can always use more storage space.

I know when I bought my first iPhone (the 3G with 8GB) I didn’t think I would ever run out of space. I did and when I upgraded to the iPhone 4 I got the 32GB version and still have plenty of room left for shooting video and taking pictures.

Thanks for stopping by today and I’ll see you a little later in the week with my thoughts about the Apple event tomorrow.

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