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For Sale By Owner

Welcome to another edition of Tech Talk Thursday even though it doesn’t always come out on Thursday.

Couple of things that I want to write about this week are some of the rumors going around in the Apple world. First, is Apple going to buy Barnes & Noble? I think this is just purely a rumor and really won’t go any where. My reason is because Apple already is in the book business with iBooks and I believe that Apple wants to keep it that way. They have already taken most of the boxed software out of the stores and sell it via the Mac App Store so why would they want to buy a book seller that has physical books? Apple wants you to keep everything on an iOS device and not have to carry around anything else.

Second, is Apple going to buy Hulu? I am still kind of up in the air with this one. If I had to guess right now, I would say that they wouldn’t. Apple already has deals in place with most of the networks in selling movies and television shows. I believe that if they wanted to stream they would sign deals on their own and not buy another company that has already went through the process. I also have found that Hulu doesn’t offer as much as I would like but that is a different post. If anything, I think Apple has a better chance of buy Netflix. I really don’t think that will happen either.

This past Sunday I had a little problem with my iPhone. After I returned from my morning run, I noticed that when I pressed the up and down volume buttons that it was telling me that the headphones were still plugged in. I tried plugging my headphone back in and pulling them out but that didn’t work. I even went as far as restoring the iPhone and that still didn’t work.

After church, I decided to Google for a solution to the problem. I found the answer. The problem was solved by most people by plugging and unplugging headphones into the jack 7-8 times. I tried that and that did not work for me.

I was getting a little upset. So after plugging and unplugging my headphones in several times I jerked them out really fast and after about four or five time everything was back to normal.

Apparently, the switch that tells the iPhone that the headphones are either plugged in or not was stuck in the plugged in position. This is a very common problem with both the iPhone and iPod Touch. So if you ever find that your iPhone has this problem then you will know how to fix it.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Thanks for stopping!



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Tech Talk Thursday #35

Next month will mark my first anniversary of when I started blogging on a somewhat regular bases. Since the beginning I have upgraded my PowerBook G4 to a MacBook, upgraded my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4, and have also started using a wireless keyboard with my iPhone 4. I believe there will be fewer changes over the next year but we will have to see.

This week I want to review an iPhone app and also the wireless keyboard. For the record, the last few post have been posted using only the iPhone 4 and the wireless keyboard.

Before getting my wireless keyboard, I was using MacJournal on my MacBook and then syncing with my iPhone and then posting with the MacJournal iPhone app. It worked out pretty good except I had to boot the MacBook just to make a post. With the wireless keyboard and Blogpress things are much easier and work almost without any problems.

I bough Blogpress on the recommendation of my friend, Rob, and it has been a very good app. Probably one of the best purchases I have made from the app store ($2.99). With Blogpress you can make post right now or you can schedule your post like I often do. One ofthe great things about this app is also the ability to insert pictures and links into your post. There are several HTML codes you can use to customize your post and make it look just like you what it to. Also, it will let you add tags and categories to your post as well. This is the best blogging app I know of for the iPhone or the iPad.

The wireless keyboard is great too. It doesn’t take up much room and is really easy to carry around with you. The thing that I look for in a keyboard is the way it feels while I’m typing. This keyboard is as easy to type on as the keyboard on my MacBook and feels really good. I haven’t used it for a really long time but I think the battery life is going to be great. I turn the keyboard off when I’m not using it because it will pair with my iPhone when I turn the bluetooth on and I don’t want that to happen since I use a bluetooth headset to talk on while I’m driving. With all that said this keyboard is worth every penny I paid for it ($69).

So these are my mobile blogging tools. Hope you enjoyed this weeks edition and will see you again here next week. Thanks for stopping.

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Tech Talk Thursday #34

Welcome back to the 34th edition of Tech Talk Thursday. Today I’d like to share a couple of things that I’d like to see in iOS 5 next year.

The first one is an option to be able to turn an app off without it going to the background. Currently, all apps that work properly with iOS 4 go into the background and you pick up where you left off.

I’d like to see something in the setting that will allow me to quit the app when I press the home button just like it did in previous versions of the OS.

The second thing I’d like to see in different tones for notifications. I know this may sound like a little thing but when the voice mail, SMS, Whatsapp, and a few others have the same tone it is hard to tell if you really need to look at the screen or not.

Most all of my notifications tones are the same except for the ESPN app. I know when I hear that tone it is about a ballgame and I can always look later if I want.

For this week’s app review I have chosen Flight Control. This is a simple game (it looks like it is) but can be quite challenging. You job is to land as many aircraft as you can on the runways with any of the aircraft crashing into each other. Sounds simple but it’s not.

One of the features of this game is that is takes advantage of Apple’s new Game Center and you can compare you score against your friends and all others that are using Flight Control with Game Center.

If you’d like to friend me on Game Center just send me an email and let me know what your email address is or you can just find me using the email address associated with this blog.

Thanks for stopping in this week and will see you all again soon.

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Tech Talk Thursday #28

Last week I told you I was going to share with you reasons that I would unfollow you on Twitter, but first I want to look at and update to one of the apps that I reviewed in the past. As you may recall, I review the Hootsuite app and website and really liked it. I still like them and use them often but since that review the Hootsuite app has been updated to include Facebook. You could only update your Twitter status from the application but now you can update your Facebook status. You can still schedule updates and you don’t have to update both at the same time or even with the same thing. The price has gone up to $2.99 but still well worth it.

Reasons I Will Will Not Follow You When You Follow Me or Will Unfollow You on Twitter

1) You tweet in ALL CAPS

There may be times when you feel like typing in all caps (for some unknown reason) but then you don’t do it again for a long time. Someone tweeting in all caps is very annoying to me and it is hard to read. If you follow me and I look at your timeline and you have a lot of tweets in all caps then I won’t be following you back.

2) Following a lot more than you are followed

I know this is up for debate but this is a reason will unfollow you. If you start to follow many more people than are following you then I will unfollow. If people aren’t following you but you are following a bunch then you probably don’t have anything of interest to say except for what you had for dinner that night and how bad the heartburn is.

3) You tweet more the a couple of times at once

If you tweet a bunch of times in a row about something that may or may not be of value the I will probably unfollow you. If you need more than 140 characters to get your point across then you probably need to start a blog.

4) You don’t tweet

If it’s been more than 90 days since you last tweeted then you need to get active again and start tweeting. I like reading tweets but if you are contributing then I’m going to unfollow.

These are a few of the reasons but aren’t all inclusive. I’m sure these are all up for debate but these are my reasons and even if you do some of them I will still follow you because you are interesting.

Thanks for stopping by this week. Sorry for the late time but sometimes it can’t be helped. See you again next week.

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Tech Talk Thursday #27

Today’s post is going to be a little bit out of the ordinary but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I really didn’t know what to call my list but for now I’m going to call it “How to get me to follow you on Twitter”.

1) Have something interesting to say.

The first rule for getting me to follow you is have something interesting to say and not just what you are eating for lunch and who you are sharing it with. I’d like to know where you are eating and how the service is. Is the food good? Also, giving me helpful information is really good too. I like all kinds of news so it doesn’t matter what kind of news you tweet about.

2) Have a picture on your profile

If you don’t have a profile picture, I probably won’t follow you. Along with this, you should have a brief bio of yourself too. It doesn’t have to be long just enough information so I’ll know if you might can help me learn something new.

It do have more things that I consider but those are the two main things for me. The reasons that you would follow someone may be a lot different.

Fox New App

Fox News is my main source for news but not my only. This app has been a long time coming and the best thing about it is the price: FREE! Since this app just came out I don’t know all the details but I do know that I like the way the news in presented and also the fact that you can listen to Fox New Radio anytime. You could listen to it in Safari but I found that is wasn’t very good and it didn’t have a schedule with it.

If you like news then this is the app to get. Unless, of course, you just don’t like Fox News and think they are biased towards the Republicans.

That’s going to do me for this week. Thanks for dropping in and hope you will join me next week when I share with you reason I will unfollow you on Twitter.

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Trucker Tuesday #23-Two App Reviews

Welcome to another edition of Trucker Tuesday. This week I’m going to do something a little different than normal but then again what is normal for my blog anyway? I normally do iPhone app reviews on Tech Talk Thursday but the apps we are going to look at today are for truckers.


When you first start this app you have to enter your name, co-driver’s name and your company’s name. You are then presented with a screen with four icons. The meaning of the icons are nowhere to be found but a couple of them you can easily figure out. Once you start driving you press the truck icon it finds you and starts your driving time. When you stop you press the icons that have the two arrows going in circles and it takes you off-duty. The man in the bed is obviously for the sleeper and the last icon is for on-duty not driving.

The is probably one of my least favorite iPhone apps because you can’t edit or delete any of the information once you have it in the app.

Pilot Travel Centers

This is a great app especially if you frequent Pilot truck stops. You simply just start the app and it determines where you are and then displays a map with the location of the Pilot’s in the surrounding area. You can set the distance that you want to see too.

I keep this app on my phone all the time because I like going to Pilot for their coffee. They have the best Columbian coffee out there and I stop in every time I get a chance. This app beats trying to find one on the Google Maps app that already comes on the iPhone. Now I just wish the other big truck stops would come out with an app of their own. Or better yet, maybe someone can write an app with just truck stops. Make it like FourSquare or Whrrl and let the info be user input and have a rating with some info (i.e. kind of restaurant and condition of restrooms).

Hope you will check out these apps if you have an iPhone and leave a comment of how well you did or didn’t like them. Thanks for stopping and will see you again next week. You don’t want to miss next weeks edition even if you don’t drive a truck.

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Tech Talk Thursday #26

What a week this has been!!! First, Gizmodo claims to have a prototype of the 4th gen iPhone and then Apple announces that it has broken it’s profit record in a non-holiday quarter.


I love to take pictures but I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a photography app. I got this one this past week and it is really good. It saves the time of using a desktop app to “stitch” pictures together to make a panoramic view picture.

This is a simple little app that lets you take to picture then move to the right and gives you a guide to line up for the next one and the next and so on. After you are finished you just touch the check mark and the app merges your pictures together to make a great looking panorama picture. It couldn’t be any more simple.

The normal price for this app is $2.99 but it’s currently on sale for 99 cents in the App Store.

Mariner MacJournal

Here is an app that I love! I’ve been using MacJournal since I got my first Mac back in 2005 and have recently upgraded to the current version. The desktop version is great. I had been waiting on an iPhone version for a long time because all of the other blogging apps and journal apps weren’t what I was looking for.

The iPhone version finally arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it and it works almost as good as the desktop version. I haven’t lost anything in it yet but have typed one blog post on it and it posted just fine. The thing that I don’t like about it is that you can give your post a category, yet.

With the desktop version it will ask you what categories you would like to post it in and you can check them off but the iPhone app doesn’t do this. I have decided to just keep on posting to the blog (if I have to do it on the iPhone) with the WordPress app.

For the most part, the $4.99 price is good for the mobile version of MacJournal and the $39.95 price is really a bargain for the desktop version. If you got the recent MacHeist nanoBundle then MacJournal was included.

That’s going to do me this week again. Be sure to come back next week when I think I’m going to do something a little out of the ordinary.

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